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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another dress

I just completed a dress that is a variation of Waverly's dress. 
Waverly's dress

Version 2 of Waverly's dress

There is not much difference in the two dresses.  Waverly's was made to wear belted so it has a little elastic in the waist, but the 2nd dress was made to wear unbelted and loose so I just added a tiny band of unfinished lace the the waistline...just for a little definition and interest.  As with the first dress, all skirt seams and lace have unfinished edges.  I love the front lace inset and lace edging that is longer in back than in front.  Waverly wears a slip with hers, but it's really not necessary.  the fabric is very thin and a little sheer, but skin-colored boy shorts are my friend :)  What is the point of wearing a cool summer dress if you layer stuff under it that makes you cook?!?  As my friend so brilliantly said the other day..."I thought slips went out with big hair and white panty hose."  or was it dusting that went out with slips and white panty hose?  Either way...I don't wear slips OR dust.  I've trained my children to do the dusting and slips are just ridiculous.

The new dress is in the washer and after drying I will trim the frayed seams and put it in the mail to my friend in upstate NY, where it may actually be cool enough in summer to wear a slip.

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