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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How in the world do bloggers have time to, you!?  I have had this thing pinned on my board for months.  Have I even opened it to see what it says inside?  Heck no.  Who has the time to read endless articles that tell you more things you could, would, or should be doing?!?

I must be the slowest person on the planet.  Yesterday my daughter (almost 17 yrs.) accused me of being a slow packer.  "Mom," she said, "it should never take you longer than 30 minutes to pack.  Why does it take you 3 days?!?"  Oh, I don't know...maybe because if the minutest thing gets left behind when we go on vacation, like say, ketchup, guess who is taking time out of vacation to run to the local supermarket while everyone else is fishing and swimming and laying in hammocks?  Well, it used to be I have teenage drivers who will readily volunteer to drive the 5 miles down the windy mountain roads to go to the store for me so I can stay at the cabin.  Because that is so much more relaxing for me ;-)

But here I am sitting at this computer "blogging" instead of packing.  I am easily distracted.  Maybe I'm not slow, just unfocused....hmmmmm.  Why am I even at the computer?!?  Oh yeah, I did have "Blog New Items" on my list today.  But when I got the camera to post pictures of the new dress and shirt I made last week so that I could blog about computer would not recognize my SD card so I fooled around with it a bit and realized it was not an SD card at all but something called an "Adapter".  What does that even mean?  I think it must mean "if you put this card in your camera, it will look like you have actually taken pictures and you can flip through them and delete the ones that are blurry and keep the ones you really want, but when you take this 'adapter' out of your camera there is actually nothing there."  Obviously photography is not my thing either. 
I need to stick to sewing.

I have very little hope that I will "build a better blog" or even if I do, transform into a real blogger between now and next month so...see you in about 30 days.  That seems to be about how often I can reasonably come up with a post.