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Micah Jude, 04/25/2005 

Gideon Eli, 07/12/2005               
Gideon Eli, 07/12/2005
Micah Jude, 04/25/2005

If I don't start keeping track of dates somewhere, I will never remember all these details.  So, I am adding an adoption page where I will post all adoption progress.

January 17, 2012:  First inquiry of Gideon
January 20, 2012: Lifeline put Gideon "on hold" for us
January 29-31, 2012: Praying about whether to request adoption of Gideon's foster brother
January 31, 2012: Requested "Galvin's" file
February 1, 2012: Sent email to Lifeline to request adoption of both boys!
February 1-23, 2012: Dossier and Homestudy paperwork
February 24, 2012: Letter of Intent (LOI) sent for both boys ("Gideon" & "Galvin")
March 1, 2012: Pre-Approvals (PA) received from China for Gideon Eli ("Gideon) and 
                            Micah Jude ("Galvin")
March 5, 2012: Last home visit to complete Homestudy update
March 14, 2012: Supplement 3 package sent to USCIS
March 19-23, 2012: Spring Break!
March 20, 2012: Received I-797C, receipt for Supplement 3 (check cashed!), but we realized we had sent the wrong amount and still owed for biometrics! They stated in the letter that they would forward our file to MO for processing, but they would not look at the file till they received the biometrics fee.
March 27, 2012: Mailed additional check to USCIS
March 27, 2012: Mailed care package to Gideon and Micah
March 27, 2012: Received I-797C, biometric appointment! 
April 6, 2012:  Fingerprint appt @ 1PM
April 21, 2012:  Received I-797C, APPROVAL NOTICE!
April 24-30, 2012:  Dossier to Columbiana & Montgomery for authentication 
May 1, 2012:  Dossier to Houston for authentication
May 17, 2012:  Dossier to China (DTC)!!!
June 8, 2012:  Log In Date (LID)!!!
June 25, 2012:  Completed I-800, DS-230 & 864w for both boys...this took most of the day. 
July 11, 2012:  Dossier out of translation.  Watching for Letter of Acceptance (LOA) in about 3 weeks 
July 30, 2012:  Received LOA's!!!
July 31, 2012:  I-800 paperwork mailed.  Expected wait is 3 weeks for approval.
August 18, 2012:  Received I-800 Approvals for both boys!  Whoooohoooo!
August 27, 2012:  Received "cable letters" from National Visa Center for both boys
September 11, 2012:  Pick up Article 5 & wait for Travel Approval (TA)
September 21, 2012:  Received TA!
September 25, 2012:  Confirmed Consulate Appointment for October 15, 2012
October 4-17:  Travel to China and return with Gideon & Micah Jude!!!

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