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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 month update

We have been home from China 9 weeks today with our boys.  For most of that time, I have been searching for milestones so that I could say we had passed them.  And all of a sudden, it has been nine weeks!  I thought it was 2 months today but somehow a week has slipped up on me.  Oh yeah, Micah Jude's surgery was a week ago...there is my missing week ;-)

I don't have time, energy, or recall to relate all of the last 9 weeks so I will abbreviate if I can.  You realize this is very difficult because I tend to have a lot of words.  Here goes:

Oct 17 - Dec 19, 2012  Really long plane ride home which included all 6 of us RUNNING from one side of Chicago (airport) to the other only to discover our plane was delayed and moved to the concourse we had just run from.  2 weeks of jet lag.  The boys have slept through the night EVERY night since we have met them.  Boys learn how to play Nintendo DS.  Boys fight over DS games/devices.  DS devices mysteriously disappear, never to resurface ;-)  Eden takes on big sister role easily.  Harrison has two 7 yr old brothers bunking with him and is mostly ok with it.  8 trips to the horse farm for riding lessons.    8 trips to Eden's ballet class and playing on the playground while we wait for her.

12 creeks jumped over
One trip to the Pumpkin Patch on a Sunday afternoon.  7 games of SORRY.  Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 in the car.  Waverly got new tires on her car.  Mom used one old tire to hang a tire swing.  Mom's hammock is demolished as kids gravitate to it instead of the tire swing...grrrrrrrr.  Puzzles, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, names.  112 temper tantrums, the last of which (wait!  there was not a temper tantrum today! whooohooo!) ended with the whole family giggling (except the screamer).  I guess your body instinctively knows when it needs to produce endorphins.  8 doctor/dentist visits in 8 days.  6 vials of blood drawn.  Only a few tears.  Lots of bandaids and stickers and lolipops.  2 cases of strep throat.  One sinus infection.  One case of the flu.  One tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/Baha post implant.  One case of mono.  Traditional Thanksgiving meal because Mom needed something to remember her former life by.  63 shower baths given by Dad.  63 wet bathrooms cleaned up by Dad.  163 wet bath towels (well, it seems like it).  7,214 articles of clothing folded...exaggeration? I couldn't say.  2 trips to the store to buy jeans for the boys (one of them by Waverly at 2am on Black Friday).  1 set of keys locked in a trunk.  9, no 8, no probably 6 episodes of Parenthood with Waverly after kids are in bed.  A Senior portrait session  for Waverly by my great friend and talented photographer, which somehow included ALL of my kids.

A little bit of sewing.  Christmas shopping almost exclusively online and by Dad.  Boys started school November 14!  Micah Jude got a bone conducting hearing aid in preparation for his Baha (bone anchored hearing aid).  One family portrait sitting...boys are confused by it all.  8 Sunday buffets at Miss Su's.  Lots of dinners brought by good friends.  One Rubbermaid building assembled to house bikes, scooters, and chipmunks (jk).  Lots of trips to Lowe's with Dad (the boys love it there).  24 waves goodbye and kisses blown to the bus in the morning.  Lots of hugs and kisses.    Several trips to Full Moon BBQ.
Passion music at bedtime worship with Dad.  Strobe dancing in the living room with LED lights and lasers.  Playing outside with neighbor friends.  Only a few scuffs from scooter accidents.  A couple meetings at the kids' school to talk about how THEY can help US teach our boys...AMAZING group of teachers!  Txt counseling by godly friends.  Daily prayer (did I say daily prayer?  I meant prayer ALL day).  Many reminders of my weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12: 9,10).  One note for Santa taped to the front door tonight by Gideon.  Merry Christmas everyone!