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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today's progress!  As of 2pm, the entire quilt top is sewn together!  I don't know why I always think I can do this part in one day.  It always takes 2 days.  Now, I have it in writing so there is no reason I should underestimate this step again.  2 days to piece quilt top...2 days to piece quilt top...2 days to piece quilt top.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt layout (1)

This is how far I got yesterday.  I am short a few squares so I cut some more.  This morning I will baste the additional squares to muslin and rearrange this layout.  It always takes me several tries before I get a layout I'm happy with.  My grand plan is to rearrange AND get them all sewn together today.  Check back tomorrow to see if I am successful ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Next Quilt

This is the stack of about 40 t-shirt squares, basted to muslin, that will become my next t-shirt quilt.  I cut out t-shirts last week and this morning finished basting them to muslin (to keep their shape).  After lunch I get to trim and start laying them out.   I am getting to the fun stage now ;)
This quilt will be done before Christmas...I hope to be in the hand quilting phase by the end of the week.  This one is going much faster than the one I did over the summer.  I always overestimate how much time I will have for work during the summer when kids are all home.

Watch for updates on this quilt daily.  I will be charting my progress here for my client and you will all get to watch (ooooohhh, so thrilling).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

ONE banquet

Whew!  It's done!  On November 8, all our work on banquet decorations culminated in an amazing evening!  Everything was beautiful, the place was filled with 700+ guests, Lifeline staff, and "Lifeline families".   It was my favorite banquet so far! 

This year the decorating was practically stress-free.  Krisha sent a bunch of great volunteers to my house regularly for "work days" (not to mention my own kids who helped a bunch).  I got to meet lots of great new people AND make grand decorating plans!  Two of my favorite things :)

my favorite design element...every other thing was inspired by this
and this is my sigh of relief that all I have left to do is eat