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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last week I got a new haircut.  Well, it's a tiny progression toward my goal haircut really.  Anyway, I'm sure it is really cute if I would only take the time to style it.  How is it that I have had a new haircut for over a week and have not even styled it yet???  What has happened to me???  I just keep finding bigger and better things to do with my time like paint and sew and play.  Right after my haircut it was a sweltering, pre-tropical storm Lee Labor Day sister and her family came to town and we camped and hiked and canoed (well, THEY camped and we went to the campsite to eat one night...that almost counts, right?).  I mean, there is really no way of knowing who has a cute haircut when everyone's hair is plastered with sweat to their head.  It is not a pretty sight and I'm not about to waste an hour doing hair and makeup to end up looking like that.  Sorry, Clinton & Stacy.  Good thing they were not trolling at the State Park last weekend.  I say all that to say that while I was walking this morning, I was noticing how beautiful it is outside.  It inspired me to style my hair.  today.  before bedtime tonight.  maybe even right after my shower (what a novel idea).  And then I realized that I haven't blogged in a month (again), and today is a semi-free day, which really only means that if I take a break from the quilt and the banquet decorations and the laundry and the ironing and the cleaning and the painting and the puppy training and the sewing for clients, I can actually finish the skirt I started for myself at the beginning of summer.  I think I can still wear it for fall with boots instead of summer with flip flops.  I can see the outfit in my head.  I am going for it.  Sooooo, no hairstyle today. again.  There is always tomorrow. 

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  1. I miss you! I am probably writing in pretense (this is really Bev, not Abbey...thus the pretense)
    Hey I just heard on the news that a tropical storm named MARIE-a is wandering around--no need to do your hair again :) Want to meet to ride bikes soon? love ya lots!