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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late Summer

I just took the last month completely off from blogging, didn't I?  I will lose my 5 followers if I keep that up ;)
I'm not great at keeping a schedule when there is no schedule to keep.

But now that school is back in...
the dreaded "back to school photo"
I will get back to work.

I did do a couple little projects this past month.  I painted some buckets...
the one on top reminds me of Charlie Brown :)  I'm keeping the one with "flip flops" on has kept my darling husband from pulling out his hair this summer with all the flip flops lying around the house.  The others I will give to friends if I can ever remember to put them in the car when I'm going to see them.

I went to the beach for a long weekend...just Moms and kids this trip.  Dad's had this crazy schedule conflict they called "jobs" or something.  Obviously, I don't let a thing like my "job" deter me from real life things like beach trips ;)  I SHOULD wait for the "real" pictures of the beach trip.  My friend, Bev, who shared our beach trip with us, is an amazing photographer and will have waayyyyy better pics than these. 

these pictures are really nice...I forget I have a daughter who is also a photographer

I do NOT recommend the "grass" smoothie on the left

Eventually we had to return home from the beach.  I always want to figure out a way to live at the beach (full time) while I'm there.  But alas, my kids would all be illiterate if it was up to me to homeschool them.  And they are all way to smart for me to ruin them in that way.

I do have a little creativity going for me, though, if not punctuality and dependability.  And after several days of lounging around, I needed a project.  Lucky for me there was one waiting in my sewing room.  My friend, Thea, had asked me to make her a slipcover from some vintage tablecloths for one of her recent flea market finds...a really modern large rectangular ottoman. 
My friend, Thea, is not modern

or large

or rectangular either :)
As you can see, my ottoman is NOT rectangular, but oblong.  So I had to prop up the corners with some bamboo sticks so you could get the effect.  I will take pictures of the slipcover on the "real" ottoman when I deliver it to her, sometime around New Year's, I predict.  I will also take some random pics of her amazingly decorated house to post on here...just for fun.  Her house always makes me feel happy :)


  1. funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  2. Thea & I just finished working out @ the gym. One of us is really sweating and burned 500 calories with cardio! Guess who?? Hint: she's really creative and so fashionable :) Thea says to tell you she loves the ottoman slipcover. Come see us soon! We miss you!

  3. Very cute!!! I would really love it by Halloween! Lisa is shortchanging herself...I sweat like a pig and she leaves looking perfect just like she looked walking in the door. If she weren't so much fun, I really would not hang out with her!!!
    She said I could get on an email list??? I'm gonna try! I'm looking forward to our October trip. Still no money, but I'm ever hopeful! Love you my creative smart cute friend!