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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NEW!! linen robe and tank

Dreamy Linen robe $68.00
 This robe is amazing!  I am in LOVE with this linen fabric.  It is almost a burlap-type weave, but it is ultra soft (after washing).  I will admit I was a little frightened when it came in the mail and looked as stiff as a board.  But, after a couple washes and trips through the dryer, it is sooooo soft.  I imagine it will just get softer after every washing.  I love how it gets all rumpled up after drying. 
tie detail

ruffle sleeve/edge detail

weave detail
 The Breezy Linen pintuck tank is made of sheer linen.  I can't wait to try it out at baseball games this summer.  If you are with us here in AL, you know how sweltering baseball season is!  I am always searching for something to wear that lets a breeze in and dries quickly.  If I find the perfect cami to wear under, I will post it here! I will probably not bother with a cami in other colors, but it will be necessary with this white one...even a slip-hater like myself has SOME standards ;-)
Breezy Linen pintuck tank $36.00

pintuck detail

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