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Monday, November 14, 2011

Next Quilt

This is the stack of about 40 t-shirt squares, basted to muslin, that will become my next t-shirt quilt.  I cut out t-shirts last week and this morning finished basting them to muslin (to keep their shape).  After lunch I get to trim and start laying them out.   I am getting to the fun stage now ;)
This quilt will be done before Christmas...I hope to be in the hand quilting phase by the end of the week.  This one is going much faster than the one I did over the summer.  I always overestimate how much time I will have for work during the summer when kids are all home.

Watch for updates on this quilt daily.  I will be charting my progress here for my client and you will all get to watch (ooooohhh, so thrilling).

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