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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some days are just like this

Yesterday I fixed up something yummy for lunch...just for me.  Sometimes I like to do that.  I was home alone doing endless loads of laundry AND folding them (all in the same day) and I just decided I needed something good for lunch.  I remembered DW saying that he thought it looked like there were 3 asparagus stalks that needed plucking in the garden so I went and got them.  (We have made it thru 2 winters with the asparagus so now we can start harvesting any that are bigger than a pencil, so I'm told by experts on the internet.)  What else to make a meal of???  I stood in front of open pantry and fridge and came up with:  wagon wheel pasta (that's what I call them), diced tomatoes left from last night's mexican meal, shaved parmesan, butter, freshly pressed garlic.  I just put the butter in a little dish, threw in the cut up asparagus and pressed garlic and nuked it till the butter was melted and tossed everything all together.
When I tasted it, it still needed something so I went out to the porch and plucked about 5 basil leaves, cut them into strips and threw them on top.  I love, Love, LOVE basil.  Still needed something so after the salt and pepper, I squeezed some lime juice over the whole thing...perfect :)

Today; however, is a different story
Does this count as healthy?

I will have to drink some V8 with it.  And diet for the rest of the week.  Oh, wait, the week is over...WHEW!  I am giving up on dieting anyway.  Why am I trying to get down to the size I was @ 19?  I've spent the last 25 years trying to get back there.  I didn't even like myself at 19.  I like myself now.  And I like cupcakes, and brownies, and cookies, and pasta, steak, and creme brulee.  See how I talked myself out of that diet? 

I wish I knew how to insert a link to a song right here.  Imogen Heap's "Bad Body Double" just popped into my head.  Imogen Heap, Bad Body Double  Enjoy. 

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